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Product Development

Royale' Creative

Product Development

- Outside pattern facilities for both development and production
- Monitoring clients orders on a daily basis which includes daily / weekly visits to the various factories to ensure clear communications and for quality control of the goods
- Translation of all information / communications between our clients and the factories
- Arrangement of fittings for clients at the factory, in our studio or where requested
- Specialized inspection and testing of fabrics and leathers at a certified facility
- 100% inspection of leathers and skins in tanneries throughout Italy by a member of our team
- Development of personalized trims, labels, hangers, dust bags and boxes
- Negotiation of prices with our suppliers in order to meet our clients request of target prices
- Pre-shipping inspections of all goods
- Arrangement of transportation / forwarder from factories to clients final destination by truck, boat or via air

Maron brings  "Made in Italy" to you

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