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We offer a complete service of quality control and product inspection on all garments, footwear and accessories for our clients.
maron leather inspection
Maron's technical team performs quality control and inspections at the various factories before and during production in order to guarantee that all measurements, cuttings, finishes and overall performance are as per the clients requirements. A final inspection is made on a determined percentage of the complete order before shipping; upon request, this inspection can be made on the complete order (100%). A detailed quality control report is always released after each inspection.
maron faric inspection
Maron was one of the first production management offices to have an experienced team performing manual inspections on leathers. We inspect each skin individually, eliminating defects where necessary. It is very important to manually check that the hand feel and color meets the approved standards. We see that the skins are selected and divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice groups which are marked and signed accordingly by the inspector so that when they arrive at the designated factory, they are ready to start the cutting process and proceed into production.
As per our clients request, we work with authorized facilities which carry out inspections and chemical analyses on selected fabrics before they can be cut and used for production.
maron stock service
Maron Stock Service

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