Maron is a production management company specializing in product and factory sourcing, product development and manufacturing in Italy. Located in Florence, Maron was founded in 1997 by Anette Maron whose passion and knowledge for fashion has positioned the company as a key resource for retailers and fashion designers who would like to produce garments and accessories “Made in Italy”.

As a result of her impressive 25 year career in the fashion industry, her knowledge and experience with womens, mens and childrens wear, as well as, leather goods and accessories, has defined Maron as a leader when it comes to overseeing the product development and manufacturing of products for its international clients.

At Maron we are very client driven. We pay great attention to our clients’ needs and the high quality of services that we offer. We have been very successful at establishing both professional and personalized relationships not only with our clients, but with all of the people involved in the development and manufacturing process as we feel this is essential to having a lasting relationship and positive outcome.

Today we have a team of more than 8 people all with varying years of experience within the fashion industry, product development, quality control and the buying office business. Maron continues to succeed at overseeing the manufacturing of a product, starting from an initial sketch and resulting in the finished product which proudly carries the Made in Italy label.