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Anette Maron

Anette was born in Stockholm, Sweden and moved to Italy after completing her high school studies. She enrolled at a fashion academy in Florence where she studied many aspects of the fashion industry. Anette went on to complete her studies specializing in pattern design. Shortly there after she was offered a job as a knitwear designer at a Florentine factory.

In the years to follow, Anette broadened her work experience in the fashion design industry working for various Italian companies producing men's and women's garments, hanbags and accessories. The 2 years working for Gherardini opened new doors for her as she was given the opportunity to travel to Malaysia to follow the manufacturing of the uniforms for Malaysia Airlines with which the company had a contract.

Anette was fortunate to have worked for BANANA REPUBLIC in Italy where she gained more experience following garment production for the menswear and denim divisions. From there she moved on to DONNA KARAN where she followed up the production of cashmere sweaters and women's garments being produced throughout Italy. With the closing of the DONNA KARAN office in Italy, Anette decided to start her own business specializing in product development of garments and accessories

In September of 1997, Anette officially opened MARON and began building her clientele throughout northern Europe and eventually the United States. She worked with many brands producing women's and men's garments, outerwear, swimwear and knitwear as well as handbags, shoes and accessories all proudly carrying the “Made in Italy” label. As her experience and expertise grew, so did her list of important clients with which she works today.

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Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

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